341If you are looking at this site, possibly you are interested in Dachshunds. And maybe you are wondering, if these dogs might be ideal for you…

A short-haired Dachshund is a perfect dog for almost everybody.

Do you have children? Great, a Dachshund will make a perfect playing-mate for them.

You spend all your free time on traveling? Not a problem, a standard weights up to 9 kilos, any hotel will let such a guest in. And if well trained, will hardly even be noticed at a restaurant.

342You are retired? My best regards. And, in that case, a toy Dachshund should do. Small, up to 3 kilos of weight, but not delicate at all. And what a great spirit it has!
Oh, you enjoy hunting? Good, so do my Dachshunds as well. Well trained, taking part in work trials – perfect partners for a hunter or any person appreciating the company of a well trained dog .

You have problems with hair? These are nonexistent with Dachshunds. Their coat is very easy to keep up, and does not need trimming or cutting.

You don’t have any time to spare, always in rush, don’t like walks, especially when the weather is kind of bad? Well, also for you I have a perfect solution. For now, a stuffed dog will be the best choice. And a Dachshund… maybe later!556

And if you already have a Dachshund – or maybe more than one – my congratulations on your good choice!
Maybe some day we will meet at a show, a trial, walking our dogs – or maybe you will just pay us a visit?