The year 1980 has been remembered by many people, and for many reasons.
In July 1980 all my life, still at its beginning, has been changed – just because a shorthaired dachshund which moved into our home.

Not just any dachshund, but a true one – with a true pedigree. As the future was to show, he was not a bad one at all.
Bonza z Solikowa, as such his name was, won many shows, became a Polish Champion, and even was regarded the best sire of a year!

I liked this new hobby, so in a year BONZA was joined by a female friend, and in two – by two others.

1984 was a break-through year for my kennel – the first litter of six red pups was born to the newly registered suffix Tasiemkowa Mafia.

The next were to follow, and then more… and more… And among the pups were ANSI, DZIKUS, HERTA, MILTON, MEGA, ZOCHA, BORYS, BASIA, CZARNULA, CIAPEK and many, many others, who became to be a great pride of mine.

In 2000, after long awaiting, the pack of standards was joined by a toy short-haired Germandachs RENAISSANCE, named  MYSZKA by us, who opened up a new chapter to my dachshund story.